Friday, September 18, 2015

Who is She (online me)!?

Wednesday, Sept. 16: The real you vs. the online you. Are they the same or different?

To answer this question I had to start thinking about the "online me," who she is, what she does, where she is at...

Instagram (@kyleecm) is because  I LOVE a good picture, I don't like being in them, but I appreciate beautiful photography.  Through Instagram I follow several ministries around the world; and what better way to see what God is doing than to SEE His work!  My presence on Instagram is not planned out, I don't stage beautiful photos, I don't "post 1 and only 1 a day"  or follow any specific "gram-ing" rules, but if a moment that says "capture this" flies by, it likely ends up in my photo stream!  So what does all that mean?... what you see is all real. However, I don't think anyone would "know all about me" if all they had was my spot on my list of followers; I like it that way.  It leaves room for the intimate everyday relationships.  And lets face it, some of life's moments need not to be "captured!"

This blog (RecklesslyChosen) only exists because I desired a way to document what God is doing in my life and the seasons He has carried me through.  Pen to paper still happens sometimes, but this crazy life includes so many testimonies that I think others could find hope in!  I personally have found so much encouragement in reading post after post of how God has been faithful in lives around the world.  So I hope that as I share the stories of a living Jesus in my life, you know that they are Real, and Raw, but also there may be some details spared for the special relationships that exist in everyday life.

Bottom line,  I value the people close to me, and those relationships help make me who I am.  If there were not moments and experiences exclusive to those relationships, they simply wouldn't exist in their true form.

 "She" is me!  The same me! -maybe less than the whole "me", but still me!

"She" (the online me) exists in most forms to bring glory to Him (Jesus)


This is another post in the Blog-tember link up.  I hope you have been enjoying getting to know a little bit more about me!