Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dear 16-year-old me,

                                                  Wednesday, September 9: Write a letter to sixteen-year-old you.

Miss Kylee at Sixteen,

We don't know each other, we are two very different people.  Our passions, beliefs, friends, and dreams are very different.  There are probably things we could learn from each other.  You do fairly well with handling stress and channeling emotions, try and keep it that way!  Keep pushing yourself to be better at everything you do! One day you will be able to look at all those years of effort and improvement with a sense of pride.  Be careful not to try too hard tho, you can get wrapped up in it and start to think feel like you haven't gotten anywhere.

But it will get you somewhere, you will end up in college with another two years in a sport you love! Cherish the moments and friendships that come from that, they will fade away all too soon!  I'm sorry to tell you it is there that your 4 year relationship will come to an end.  It will hurt. A lot.  But please know that there is an amazing path ahead for both of you!  The two of you will reconnect a couple years later and see that had that pain not occurred, you would have both missed out on huge blessings.

You career path will unexpectedly change, and you won't have any clue then, but it is all part of a grander plan, one that you don't even know about!  Your heart will be torn apart a couple times, but each knock down is bringing you closer to your knees, and when you finally hit them you will meet someone...

You'll learn that He has had his eye on you for quite sometime.  You'll slowly get to know Him a little bit better.  You'll start to realize the many times you broke His heart and you didn't even know it.  But you will then discover that despite all the hurt you have caused Him, He loves you just as much as He ever did; and He gave up everything to be in a relationship with you.

Then, that day, when you let go of what you think your life is suppose to look like; That day your life will change. Because of Jesus.  Your hopes and dreams will all become His. And girl let me tell you, are you in for it!  You can't even imagine what your life will look like after that!  But trust in Him, trust the Journey He will take you on. He has a messy, beautiful, life planned out for you!

Love, me You (the redeemed version)

Dear Younger Me By MercyMe

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