Thursday, April 2, 2015

Who's story is it?

This past weekend was spent in Branson MO...

In ONE house...

3 adults...

with 15 teenagers...

and it was SOOOO refreshing!!!

Not the way you thought it would end was it!?  Well let me tell you that I know the greatest group of Godly kids/young adults.  We spent three FULL days at Young Christians Weekend at Silver Dollar City.  This is an annual trip for our youth group, but it was my first time to attend.

Through all the concerts, speakers, late night worship and roller coasters, one thing has really stuck with me.

During one of the messages we heard, a demonstration was made about some individuals' "stories."

Stories of young followers living for Christ, until dyeing for Christ.

The message ultimately was about discovering what OUR story would be.

I pray that my story, the story I live each day... I hope it is a story that

depicts the presence of the Holy Spirit,

Tells of God's unending love,

Glorifies His goodness,

Honors His Majesty...

I hope and pray that every page of my story, IS GOD'S STORY.

*Hawk Nelson did music for one of the services.