Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The message I found under the fridge.


We have a few random magnets on our refrigerator door, and every toddler that has been in our home loves to play with them! So I was really excited when I happened to find a deal on some unique wooden letter magnets; and even more thrilled that they did not disappoint at home with the little ones. 

We had the magnets a few weeks when one day I noticed a pink plastic "Q" amongst them.  It clearly did not belong and had no obvious origin.  A few days go by and another plastic letter appeared. You would expect these kinds of things to go missing, but they were multiplying!

While doing dishes yesterday I discovered "Z" (our 23 month old foster love) pushing a few magnets under the front of the fridge.  While helping him retrieve the discarded letters I discovered a few things...

A LOT of dust, 

and more plastic letters!!!

We moved into this rent house back in November, {clearly we overlooked under the fridge on cleaning day} and apparently these were left behind from the previous occupants.

In addition to solving the mystery of the stray magnets, I learned a few things! 

These magnets were not unlike the little boy who discovered them.  They had been left behind, abandoned, forgotten.   For months they were non-existent to those walking right by them.  Then a group, a family came along...something that they could be apart of, and then they were finally back in a situation that they could find purpose.  They had to be cleaned up a little bit, some of them nursed back to "health."  Some came around sooner than others, but all were eventually rescued.

Some may have said our alphabet was complete, but it's even a little bigger now; it looks a little different to some...But some of us don't even notice.

How many magnets are under YOUR fridge???


May is foster care awareness month. Take this month to learn a few things about this growing need, and discover what YOU can do to help!