Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What is Style Anyways!?

Sunday, Sept. 6: Share your style. What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?
Yes, I do know I am late - that's my style! (Actually I married into it)

Whats my style you ask!? 

Well, when addressing this topic I wouldn't be honest unless I included the scrubs, with which I spend 50+ hours a week wearing!  I keep them simple, usually even just scrub pants and a T-Shirt.

Beyond that, you will find me pretty much in the same outfit, with minor adjustments for climate consideration.

Jeans. T-Shirt. 

I have a closet FULL of t shirts.  What I like most about my t shirts, is each one usually has some sort of memory or purpose associated to it!

Mission Trip Fundraiser
Concerts (I love lyric tees!!!)
Fair Trade Organization
Cause Awareness

Every time I wear them, I am either reminded of their cause, or I get a chance to tell a story when I am asked about them!

This uber comfy apparel is paired with any of the following depending on the season...

Jeans, Capris, Shorts (I'm a knee length kinda girl,) 
Maxi Skirt (you know, to make it Fancy and all)
Flats, Sandals, Flip flops. Boots.
Cardigans (YES! I am obsessed with them,) scarf.

I love the "vintage" colors, aztec design (real original right!), some might even say I have a bohemian/hippy-ish style.

Do you know of any tshirts for a cause!? Point me in the right direction!!!

This is a late post in the Blog-tember series from BraveLoveBlog.