Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Bucket List to be!

Exciting news!!! - I have officially completed now 10 days of Blog-temper!!! I had to do some catching up after the weekend, but I made it through!!! Jump on over the BraveLoveBlog if you're not sure what I'm talking about!!! 

Here it is, Day 10...

Thursday, Sept. 10: 10 items off your bucket list. If you haven't made one, now's a good time to start!

So I don't have a Bucket List! Not a tangible one.  I'm not sure why, I LOVE to make lists, I love to cross things off of lists. But I have never even considered putting pen to paper for a bucket list! But I do have ideas! Lots of ideas! So here are a few of them...

Serve {missions} on every continent.
2. Start my own business.
3. Alaskan Cruise.
4. Adopt.
5. Sing a special at church.
6. Visit all 50 States.
7. Run a 1/2 marathon.
8. Learn to play piano/keyboard.
9. Give away/donate more than we spend.
10. Read through the Bible in a year.
So I know this isn't a super impressive list, I hope it doesn't end here! It is scary and exciting to put these things somewhere besides the back of my mind! Hopefully you will stick around long enough I can tell you about completely some of them!!!

*sorry it's not a fancy post! Editing from my phone in the middle of a 12 hr shift today!!!