Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to save the most on everyday shopping!

Save even MORE for everyday purchases!!!

I used to be coupon superwoman!!! I lost my way for awhile and every time I bought certain items I would be sick because I just knew there where coupons available I wasn't using.  Money I was letting slip through my fingers.  

Recently I have been more conscious of my spending/saving and have been taking advantage of coupons.

BUT, this isn't about coupons, it's about all the other ways you could be saving and earning money that you are letting slip by, more than likely because you didn't know about them, but that is changing today...

Here are resources that you can use as stand alone, or in addition to clipped or digital coupons for even more savings!!!

#8 - Survey Mini
 Survey Mini is gives you occasional surveys that you can participate in and at the end of the survey you get coupons to local retailers, free items, or points.  Points can be redeemed for gift cards, with hundreds of retailers to choose from!  Surveys are quick, easy and don't require any purchases.  The ap uses your location and provides surveys for recent stores and restaurants you have visited!!!                                                                                       
Click Here for information and download!

#7 - Shrink
 Shrink will not be useful to everybody.  It only offers deals and rebates for specific brands.  The brands are mostly specialty brands for health foods.  In my area where we only have retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, and local grocers, most these brands are not available to purchase anyways.  But if they are brands you use there are several deals and rebates available!

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#6 - Snap
 These next few are all pretty similar aps.  Look through the available rebates and select ones that match items you normally purchase or plan to purchase. Even if you are purchasing an item with a coupon you can redeem an available rebate.  Then "snap" a picture(s) of your receipt.  Once you reach $20, request a check be mailed to you! How easy does that sound!!! Earn money back on items you are already buying!!!

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#5 - Checkout 51
 Checkout 51 is pretty much the same thing as Snap.  Double the money and use both!!!

Click Here for more info and download!!!

#4 - Mobisave
 Mobisave is similar to use as Checkout 51 and Snap.  Make sure you put your rebates in your cart BEFORE you checkout!!! Then scan your receipt.  With Mobisave it will transfer your rebates straight to your paypal, there is no waiting til you reach a minimun limit!

#3 - Shopkick

 With Shopkick, you earn points just for shopping,you dont have to buy anything, you just have to shop, you get points for walking in and more if you scan a few items around the store!  Points ad up quick adn can be redeemed for gift cards.

Click Here to start earning now.

#2 - Find&Save
 If you are familiar with Ebates for online shopping (Sign up here for a free $10 gift card of your choice) this is very similar but for in-store shopping.  Just scan you receipts for cash back, either a specific amount or percentage.  The ap also provides weekly ads for local stores.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Click Here to start earning!

#1 - ibotta 
 This is my favorite!  Most of the rebates available on ibotta are also coupons that are available to clip or print, so you can double up the savings!!!  You just have to unlock the rebates and then scan the item and scan your receipt!  The earnings dont start there! The more people you are connected with you earn extra rewards.  Some of these are several dollars and ad up quick!!!  Dont pass this one up!!!

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