Friday, March 25, 2016

Solar Sconces

I shared with you some of my spring-time happenings, including some solar sconces I had made to go over a "welcome garden" at the top of our drive way.  I thought I would also share HOW I made those!

Last year my mom gave me some cute little metal candlestick sconces.

At Home Depot I found these solar lights, (the kind you stick in the ground) and they fit into the candlestick hole perfectly.

* I had to cut about half of the "stick" or base off of them, but I didn't take a picture before I chopped them up.

I just stuck the shortened solar light down into the sconce and boom, done!

 Hopefully I get some Purple Hyacinth growing again soon over the "trellis."

I think they ad a little something to our "entry" in the dark when my flowers aren't as visible!