Saturday, March 19, 2016

DIY Glass Etching Gift

My little brother is getting married!!!

Today was the bridal shower and I was excited to dig out my Cricut for another project! 

For me, one of the exciting moments of marriage was seeing my new last name on my things! 

I used my cricut to cut out my letters.  I have a stash of sticky vinyl, but this can be bought at Walmart or any craft store. (If you use it often hit any local vinyl sign businesses and ask for their scraps!) 

Place the vinyl outline down smoothly on your surface and ad masking tape around any edges that are close.
I added tape to the top of the black, but it's not seen above.  

Using a paint brush or cotton swab, apply etching cream following the directions. 

*use gloves if you think you will get it on your skin.

**I have heard many say (including a disclaimer on the bottle) that it may not work on some Pyrex.  Both baking dishes I have etched were Pyrex and it worked both times.  I did leave it on for a few minutes verses just one minute per instructions, I am not sure if this is what made the difference.

Tip: the smoother, more even you can apply the cream the smother your "etch" will look.  

If you look too closely you can see a few blemishes, that part of a handmade gift right!?

No body will care when there is a sweet aroma coming from a baked yummy inside!