Friday, March 18, 2016

Reading Lately...the secret is out!

SOOO, the secret is finally out!  

We're expecting!!!

With everything we went through last year, Brett was understandably hesitant to spread the word too fast.  

We serve a God of miracles and can't wait to meet the latest at the end of August!!!  It's going to be one long hot summer for this mama but totally worth it!!!  

We are so blessed God chose us for this journey and know that it will bring us even closer to Him!

*Oh! and the reading part... the "What to Expect" book is super overwhelming.  I have just been thumbing through it.  It contains a lot of what I would consider common sense but also contains some good "heads-up" tid-bits!

Although exciting, this season in life is a huge reminder of our need for our Lord.  Without a doubt I will need His strength and comfort now and the months to come more than ever!