Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Lately, I fell like I have been EVERYWHERE! (except here!)

Lets just say 2016 did not arrive quietly!  We have had so much going (some I cant even disclose...yet!) that most days I forget which direction we are going.

We didn't finish all our Christmas festivities until after the first of the year, although its tiring, I love having so many great people to spend the holidays with!  The week of Christmas Brett and I were actually able to get away just the two of us for a couple days and took a road trip to Virginia.  It was part business, to deliver this precious boy to his new home...

But we took full advantage of the opportunity to have a few days to ourselves!  On our way back across the country we stopped and visited the Biltmore Estate.  I highly recommend a visit.  From the moment we went through the entrance gate I felt like we were in Beauty and the Beast, winding through the "forest" and the house was absolutely stunning, and I'm sure we only saw 1/4 of it during the 3 hour tour.  I have to agree with Belle, the library was my favorite room!  I was even interested in all the history of the family and land, which I'm ashamed to admit usually doesn't intrigue me so much.  We did a Christmas candlelight tour of the house and toured the rest of the grounds the following day.

I have got to get better about taking pictures.  I never think, "I'm going to want a picture of this later!"  Photos weren't allowed inside the house, but I didn't manage to take any of the rest of the grounds.

So, check out their website and see what your missing out on, it really is a beautiful property!

Ill have to catch you up on the rest on a different post, this has gotten a little long... see ya soon!