Thursday, January 1, 2015

Many were my plans...

Reflecting and Remembering...

2014 was one of few years that were for the most part all planned out.  I knew where I was going to be and pretty much what I would be doing every month of the year.  However, it turned out to be the most surprising spontaneous years of my life.  

God is alive...

Our God is alive and working.  Although He is never changing, He is in the business of changing lives.  I love the way he molds and works us into who He designed us to be.

Here is a very short timeline of 2014...

Jan: I left for the World Race, expecting to return in November.

March: God impressed upon me to bless someone in His name and He led me home for a week for my sisters wedding, where no one was expecting me.  While home, Brett purposed that we become a force of one for the kingdom of God.

April: God's voice and guidance for the future became loud and clear to me,  I returned to the United States, Brett met my flight in California and on April 30th, Brett and I got married.

May: The first week of May we drove across the southwestern united states, exploring new territory new to both of us on our way home.

June: In June we spent three weeks with young souls at church camp and made a fast weekend trip to Texas where Brett officiated his first wedding.

July: We drove a van of teenagers to South Carolina for a week of serving the people of Hilton Head Island.

Sept: Something God has laid on both of our hearts began to tangibly manifest as we started making preparations to lead a mission trip to Costa Rica

This winter we experienced a little bit of a schedule slow down and I pray we use it to remember all the wonderful, unexpected blessings of the year!

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. Proverbs 19:21