Thursday, December 11, 2014

On a mission

Over a year ago when I felt the Lord calling me to the World Race I couldn't make sense of it. Like most things the Lord asks of us, it seemed crazy and most of all didn't fit into what I thought His calling on my life was.

As the race began, I only became more sure of what I already thought my role was going to be in the Kingdom; to be a support to my youth pastor husband and work with the youth. So how did international missions come into all of this? Or maybe I was wrong about what I thought my path would look like? I knew that we are all called to a mission field, but what was God wanting to show me in that specific season?

When had I started preparing for the world race I realized that our small community had a big heart for missions. Over the months of my world race journey I realized there were very few local and affordable options for most people to get involved. During the race, as I witnessed the possibilities of what ministry could look like, (and some of what it isn't) I realized that He was showing me what He wanted me to take back to our small church and community.

Four months into the world race, in Costa Rica, my eyes and heart began to open up to what the Lord was speaking to me. When I told Brett one day on the phone he practically began screaming, God had been speaking to him about the same thing! God wanted us to open a door...

After hearing what sounded like the Lord screaming, GET TO WORK, I returned home, got some business out of the way... :)

and we got straight to work.

The first 6 months we were married we spent more time away from home then we were at home. (really we counted it all up!) We had church camps, mission trips, conferences, and many other youth trips that have kept us very busy! However, we have not forgotten what God -not so gently- laid on our hearts. Although Brett's youth ministry is our first priority, we are currently in the process of forming a non-profit organization and we are so excited to lead our first mission trip to Costa Rica in May 2015. (crazy how we are going back to where it became so clear to me what God was trying to show us! Fun Fact: Costa Rica is also where Brett took his first mission trip!) AIN'T GOD GOOD!

We cannot wait to see all the ways God will use this to bless His people and further His kingdom!

Once God convinced me the world race was part of His plan, I thought I knew what 2014 would look like, But He is so good to keep us paying attention. I could not have planned it better myself, isn't that the way it always works!? Our Father in Heaven will always show us that trusting Him and His plan for us is far better than we could ever imagine!

Thank you for all your love & support,

Brett & Kylee Morris