Compassion International

I have always noticed those commercials on TV, the ones that scroll through countless images of poor and sick children while proclaiming that for just pennies or dollars a day, you can make all their problems go away.  Then the next article you read or hear about is how out of millions of dollars being donated only a small portion, if any, is actually reaching any in need.

During an Extraordinary Women Conference I had the privilege of hearing a Compassion Child Alum if you will, speak about his experience as a young boy and the opportunities he was given through Compassion International as a Sponsor Child.

I was able to speak face to face with many representatives of Compassion International at that conference as well as hear countless testimonies about others' experiences with compassion.

I picked out a child's sponsor card and carried it around all weekend, only to back out of the financial commitment and turn the card back in "UN-sponsored" at the end of the conference.

However, the following week at home I felt the pulling of my heart and KNEW I needed to sponsor a child.  I went to the Compassion website and made the plunge to commit the 'less than a Walmart trip' $38 a month to a child's food, clothing, and education.

I selected Nandudu Breanda, a six year old girl from Uganda, Africa!

I love what Compassion does and would be ecstatic to help you in any way support Compassion's causes.

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