Monday, May 23, 2016

Earn Cash Back on Travel

It's Summer Time!  Everybody is traveling and heading out on adventures.  Most of these cost, rental cars, flights, etc.

We travel a lot all year round; trips with the youth, mission trips, visiting family, and possibly a vacation every once in awhile.  I have recently discovered that I have been missing out on some serious cash back savings.  

I love to save money and stretch our dollar.  We are signed up for all the hotel and airline rewards.  I am always looking for coupons and special promotions (on everything, not just travel.)

I have been an Ebates user for a couple years, earning cash back on the occasional online shopping that I do!  BUT... I didn't know that the sites that we often book our traveling on were also included in the "stores" offering cashback!!!

If you are not familiar with Ebates, let me tell you how easy it is.

#1 - visit or download the app after signing up.

#2 - look for the "store" in which you want to shop.

#3 - visit that store's website via link from Ebates.

#4 - shop as you normally would on that site.  

By visiting the website you are shopping from Ebates, you are opening a "shopping trip," and once you order the "store" will send the info on to Ebates for you!!!  The Cash back will show up in your ebates account in a couple days.  You can choose how you want to receive the cash back, with choices like being mailed a check or a deposit in your Paypal.

There are thousands of stores offering cashback through Ebates.  Some of the travel options are...

These are just a few of the hundreds!!!  You are booking travel at these sites anyways, why not earn cash back!?!?!

Visit Ebates NOW to start earning cash back on nearly every online purchase you make!!!

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* I was NOT paid for this post.  All opinions are my own. I hope you find them helpful in saving money!!!