Friday, January 20, 2017

Who has come between us?...Welcome to the World little man!

Not that I was ever very reliable about meeting you all here, but for those of you who have noticed that I nearly completely disappeared for awhile... I thought I might show you just who it is,  that has come between us!

Meet this handsome little man right here...

For the last 4+ months we have been getting to know the little miracle guy we already loved so much!  We weren't able to have any professional newborn photos done, but I knew I had to have something. I thought I would share with you the little mini session we had on the living room floor with my iPhone!

Welcome to the World Knox!

Kudos to the pros at this!  Newborns make you work at photos!  He was very alert from the beginning, even at the hospital (possibly because he was a week overdue); so open eyes were easy.  

*Pants & Hat:  Piney Woods Boutique

*Onsie: DIY (Decal from StickersbyStephanie)

*Blanket:  Gift from a friend, from Modern Burlap

Photos taken with iPhone 6s Plus


*I wasn't paid to say any of this, I'm just sharing the info!