Friday, May 6, 2016

This feeling can't be wrong...

So yesterday was a pretty rough day.  I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 10 years, my sweet Dixie... and hold it all together at work.

Then last night, it continued.  After just less than 2 hours of sleep I woke up with a toothache, and remained in the awakened - not resting state - until the alarm went off to come to work.  

Today...did not look to be any better! 12 hours to go, with only a few hours of sleep...

At lunch, I had to go pick up a prescription and when I walked outside I was greeted by the most beautiful day.  It is actually bringing tears to my eyes to think back on how much I needed that warm embrace from the Father.

Shortly after I pulled out of the parking lot, a song came on that I have not heard in awhile...and it was meant just for me...

"And oh there's something 'bout the way
Your sun shines on my face
It's a love so true I can never get enough of You
This feeling can't be wrong I'm about to get my worship on
Take me away
It's a beautiful day,
It's a beautiful day"

He never fails... when my heart starts to sink in the crashing waves, He always grabs my hand and brings me back to His embrace.

He is so good, and so eyes are filled with a different kind of emotion today.  The warmth of His arms wrapped around my heart.  So glad I know who holds my tomorrow when my "today" is falling apart.


Sure will miss this sweet girl.

Song: Jaime Grace -"Beautiful Day"